This Black Guitar coming soon...

Jon Colman-Vocals, Music and Lyrics

David Mansfield-Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Violin, Mandolin, Ukulele

Satoshi Takeishi-Drums and Percussion

Patrick Derivaz-Bass and Loops

Stan Harrison-Saxophone and Flute

Rob Schwimmer-Piano and Hammond B3

Pat Irwin-12-String Acoustic Guitar

Dorothy Lawson-Cello

Gregory Grene-Irish Button Accordion

Produced and Engineered by Patrick Derivaz

Recorded at The Pencil Factory, Brooklyn

Since appearing on music streaming services, New York City based singer-songwriter Jon Colman's music has been streamed over 7 million times, by over 1 million listeners, in 79 countries and counting...a music critic in Spain says of his album Swallowed by the Sun "The whole album is totally hypnotic. If you have 54 minutes coming soon, put it on your list of things to do." The UK's Amelia Vandergast says of one of his songs "The New York-based artist's lyrical style ensures that with "Hollywood, Florida" you're treated to plenty of striking imagery which will ensure that right from the first verse you are hooked into the chilling narrative. It's not until the track fades out that you become aware that you were in an almost hypnotic state listening to the tentative progressions of the single."